Oct 28


Champion HQ Hosts Cruise-In

Champion hosted a fantastic cruise-in on October 25, 2014 at the company’s corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. The event brought dozens of sweet rides to the Champion lot, from classic hot rods to modern marvels of automotive engineering. It was all part of an open house, where visitors learned about the many benefits of the company’s portfolio of American-made home-improvement products.

Find the Champion location nearest you to learn about upcoming open-house events and other great Champion programs. Not only will you learn all about replacement windows, siding, sunrooms, roofs, and doors, but you’ll also have a great time!

Check out some pictures from the cruise-in.

Sep 22


Champion Rises in the Rankings

Champion Top Ranked

As we mentioned in a recent blog post, Champion’s first full year in the roofing market was 2013, and we’re already positioned prominently among contractors nationally. If you think that’s impressive, check this out. Champion was ranked second out of 170 replacement contractors nationwide in Remodeling magazine’s 2014 Remodeling 550 list. The ranking was based on 2013 revenue, number of jobs, average job size, and projected revenue for 2014. These rankings reinforce Champion’s reputation as a leader and trusted authority in the home-improvement industry.

Champion has specialized in manufacturing high-quality, reliable products for more than 60 years. The company was founded in 1953 in Cincinnati, OH, and has since expanded into more than 70 locations nationwide. Champion is involved in every aspect of the product’s life cycle, from design through service, and all Champion products are made in the USA. Consider the following when you think about your next home-improvement project.

Our promise to you:
You will get a quality product, professionally installed and backed by a worry-free warranty.

We design it.
We will help you select the right solution for your home.

We build it.
Champion products are proudly made in the USA and are designed as systems, which means fit, finish, and performance are outstanding.

We install it.
Our polite, professional installation teams respect your home and clean up completely.

We guarantee it.
You get a complete guarantee on all products and their installation.

Sep 17


Improve Your Outlook with Replacement Windows

Improve Your Outlook with Replacement Windows


You’ve made a serious investment in your home. It’s a special place that reflects your unique personality and sense of style. But when you look around your home, do you feel absolutely confident that there isn’t something missing—something that can make a huge difference in its look, feel, and value?

Sure, the right furniture arrangement, paint colors, and fixtures can work wonders, but replacing outdated, drafty, and unattractive windows can bring you satisfaction in many different ways, from lower energy bills to a boost in resale price. Shouldn’t your home feel as good as it looks? Read on to find out how replacing your old windows with custom-manufactured replacement windows can completely change the way you enjoy your home.

What’s wrong with old windows?
Windows are often taken for granted—that is, until there’s a problem—but they actually play an integral role in your life. Many homeowners who decide to replace their existing windows with custom-manufactured windows cite two major reasons for taking action: expense and worry. High energy bills are at the forefront of the cost of old windows. Old or outdated windows just simply aren’t as efficient as insulated replacement windows.

The older the window, the more frequent the maintenance. After all, components wear out over time. For example, a seal failure will leave you with foggy windows. Add to that a weak or non-existent warranty, and you have potentially huge expenses on your hands for repairs. If you have old windows, keep in mind that they’re costing you a lot of money in three big ways: high energy bills, expensive maintenance, and reduced home value.

Leaky, drafty windows create discomfort. Old, heavy windows may also stick and be hard to operate. Minimal or outdated security hardware can leave them vulnerable to intruders. All of these factors create worry. Modern, vinyl replacement windows are designed to eliminate these concerns.

Windows that are made to measure prevent leaks and drafts from coming in. They keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Tilt-in sashes are easy to operate and clean. Up-to-date security components work to keep these windows secure. All of these benefits of custom replacement windows provide peace of mind.

“Windows can make the biggest difference in comfort,” says Tom Herron, senior manager of communications and marketing for the National Fenestration Rating Council (www.nfrc.org). “A lot of studies show that exposure to daylight has great benefits. For example, children learn more effectively. In addition, daylight improves the mood and encourages interaction.”

Custom-made replacement windows are a big step up from conventional, prefabricated windows. They’re designed specifically for your home, which means fit and finish combine to deliver virtually maintenance-free performance.

The glass
Insulated, double-pane, argon-injected glass makes today’s replacement windows so effective when it comes to lowering energy bills and offering protection from the elements. These windows are a smart investment in comfort. In addition, they are capable of blocking 95% of UV rays. As a result, they keep your home comfortable throughout the year, and they protect your furniture, window treatments, and carpeting from sun damage. They also muffle outside noise more than any old, single-pane window can.

The frame
A properly engineered window frame is strong, secure, and designed to give you maximum viewing area. A strong frame features fusion-welded construction. Its components are free of recycled materials, low-cost alloys, and impurities.

A secure frame uses multiple locking systems, latches that can be used to allow for ventilation while preventing the window from being opened completely, and a deep-pocket sill to prevent prying. This combination of strength and security means the frame can be less intrusive, so you can actually have a better view from your windows.

Why vinyl?
Vinyl is a thermally efficient material. Vinyl has excellent insulating capabilities and is virtually maintenance-free. It is less likely to show wear and tear, and it won’t fade or powder with age. The use of non-recycled vinyl, also known as virgin vinyl, during manufacturing yields a strong and structurally sound replacement window.

Hands off for homeowners
Window replacement isn’t a DIY project for a vast majority of homeowners. The process involves a lot of variables, including taking accurate measurements, removing old windows safely, installing the new windows properly, and more. Extreme care is required. Even the smallest mistake can end up being a really big inconvenience and expense.

A company that designs and manufactures your replacement windows specifically for your home is one that should also be able to ensure that the windows are installed with maximum performance and reliability in mind.

“The steps required to replace windows can be extremely challenging for even the handiest of homeowners,” says Mike Ludy, national product manager for Champion Home Exteriors (www.GetChampion.com). “Fortunately, you can rely on experienced, professional installers to make the entire project a hands-off proposition for you. And if you factor in the time you’re saving by leaving the design, manufacture, installation, and service to the pros, you’ll find that window replacement really is accessible.”

What are my options?
Plenty of design options are available when you choose to have your windows made to measure. Let’s take a look at some of the styles that await.

Double-hung windows  These are probably the most common window today. They’re popular, because you can open both sashes for ventilation—and both tilt in for easy cleaning.

Casement windows  These windows are easy to operate. They’re very popular for vertically oriented window openings, and they combine beautifully with picture, bay, or bow windows. Casement windows should open enough for access to both sides, which means you can clean them easily from inside your home.

Slider windows  This style is very popular for smaller, horizontal window openings or with picture windows. Cleaning slider windows is simple. The windows can be easily lifted out of the sash for indoor cleaning of both sides of the glass.

Picture windows  You’ll have a great view from this large, fixed window opening. If you’d prefer to create ventilation, you can choose to combine picture windows with sliding windows or casement windows.

Bay windows  These are three-lite projection windows with a fixed picture window in the center and side windows that can be fixed or configured to operate with double-hung windows or casement windows. Bay windows feature a seat area that you can paint or stain to match your home’s decor.

Bow windows  These window units are made up of four to six windows in a graceful arc shape with a shallow, insulated seat. Bow windows typically have fixed center windows with operating casements on the ends.

Shaped windows  Believe it or not, your windows can be one of your home’s architectural highlights. Common windows shapes include half round, round, ellipse, and trapezoid. Custom shapes are also worth a discussion.

Garden windows  Enjoy an indoor garden as you turn a window into a living space for plants. These windows can be manufactured to fairly large sizes, so you can make your in-home garden as dramatic as you wish.

If you’re not in the market for a traditional, white window, never fear. You can choose from a variety of upgrades to enhance the look of your replacement windows.

Grids  These give the appearance of individual panes of glass. The colonial style, which is a series of repeating rectangles, is among the most popular. Several other patterns are available.

Colors  White and tan are the most common colors for replacement windows. Some manufacturers offer glued-on laminate materials or adhesive-backed films to give windows a unique color or pattern. An applied finish that is actually bonded to the vinyl offers better durability and colorfastness. Veneers are susceptible to scratches and chips and can separate from the surfaces to which they’re glued. Furthermore, adhesive-backed finishes are essentially stickers and can peel, scratch, and completely fail over time.

What to expect at installation
If you’ve decided to make an important investment in comfort by replacing your windows, then you should anticipate the following during installation:

• The careful removal of your old windows
• The installation and finishing of your replacement windows, which involves placing, leveling, and insulating each unit
• The installation of window trim on the exterior of your home
• Clean-up and removal of all old window materials and debris at no additional charge.

The installation team should treat your home and property, as well as those belonging to your neighbors, with the utmost care and respect. Any area affected by the window replacement should look better than when the installation team arrived.

You can also play a part in making the installation go as smoothly as possible. For example, make sure the installers have a safe, accessible place to park and unload their vehicles. Also be certain to remove any obstacles that prevent easy, clear access to the existing windows. Finally, take extra care to move any valuables away from the work areas around your home.

What about the warranty?
A strong warranty is one that covers the windows and their installation for as long as you own your home. It should cover accidental glass or screen breakage, and it should be transferable one time to a subsequent owner. The ability to transfer the warranty gives you a competitive edge in a tough real-estate market.

Treat yourself to comfort and style
Your windows play a huge part in how you feel inside of your home. By combining custom designs, eye-catching upgrades, expert installation and service, and a comprehensive warranty, you can be sure your home will look and feel great.

Aug 25


Champion Listed as Top 100 Roofer


Champion Home Exteriors is proud to be named an industry leader in Roofing Contractor magazine’s Top 100 Roofing Contractors list. Champion came in at number 43, based on 2013 sales. Of note, 2013 was Champion’s first full year in the roofing market. Click here to find out how a Champion roof can be the last one you’ll ever buy.

Jun 17


Making a Difference in the Community


Champion Home Exteriors is excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity to get this home ready for the Nyilibakwe/Mukabalisa family.

Champion Home Exteriors, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati to help provide a deserving family with an updated home that will enable them to thrive.

As part of the partnership, Champion’s Cincinnati location is donating the company’s custom-manufactured replacement windows and its Comfort 365® roofing system—both of which will make the home more comfortable, energy efficient, and attractive.

“We’re thrilled to be able to make a difference in the community and help a family that’s working hard to succeed,” says Brandon McDonald, division manager, Champion of Cincinnati. “We’re also extremely pleased that our contributions will shorten the wait for the Nyilibakwe/Mukabalisa family to move into their new home.”

According to Charmaine Kessinger, development director, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati, the partnership with Champion will help Habitat for Humanity complete the home rehabilitation more quickly and efficiently.

“Champion’s contribution is invaluable. We really appreciate it. Without it, we would need to either use operational dollars to purchase the replacement windows and roofing, or we’d need to raise money to fund those purchases,” Kessinger explains. “Either would delay the completion of the project and present the Nyilibakwe/Mukabalisa family with a longer timeline to move in.”
Immaculee Mukabalisa and Axel Nyilibakwe inside what will soon be their home.

Immaculee Mukabalisa and Axel Nyilibakwe inside what will soon be their home.

Axel Nyilibakwe and Immaculee Mukabalisa were approved as a Habitat for Humanity Partner Family in January of 2014. They live in Cincinnati with their eight-month-old son, Levi. Axel is a college graduate and is employed as a computer operator at United Mail in Cincinnati, OH. Immaculee is a college senior and will be graduating soon.

Axel and Immaculee have faced many challenges in their lives. Immaculee lost her parents, and Axel lost his cousins and uncle, in the genocide and turmoil in Rwanda. Despite these tragedies, the Nyilibakwe/Mukabalisa family is determined to make the most of the new life they have. Axel and Immaculee also are quite dedicated to helping others and supporting the community in which they’ll live.

As Axel and Immaculee put it, “Owning a decent house for our family is the best asset we can dream of and get in the United States of America, [and] owning our home can boost us in helping other families…. We are ready to do our part and go beyond in order to get our home in the United States.”

The rehabilitated house will be sold to Axel and Immaculee, who can expect a monthly payment of approximately $500, including loan principle, taxes, and insurance.

Champion Home Exteriors is proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati to complete this important project and wishes the Nyilibakwe/Mukabalisa family all the best.